Shanti Bovie's Night Tour will invite you to the magical show of the mountain in the national park and the World Heritage of Ogasawara Islands. Shanti Bovie's Night Tour will give you a chance to see the Bonin Flying Fox, which live only on the Ogasawara Islands. They were considered extinct during the 1970s, but rediscovered in the late 1980s. Let`s go see the shinning stars
*Currently, tours and kayak instructions are provided only in Japanese. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  If you like to experience the night side of nature in Ogasawara, this plan would be for you. If you go around the forests and beaches, you would see what you could only see at night. There is a chance of observing the natural monument "Bonin Flying Fox", the glowing mushroom "Green Pepe", even a chance to see the egg-laying blue sea turtles. We are sure you would enjoy our tour under the shinning stars and the bright moon light.
Night Tour(2hours) ¥3,500 per person(pick up、insurance included)

  We offer small grouped tour considering physical strength of the group, good communication within the group, and care and protection of the natural environment. Even in a tour group meeting each other for the first time, we try to make everyone feel relaxed, share a great and meaningful time in nature, and have a memorable moment. Part of the tour fee is donated to the NGO; Ogasawara Natural Observation Committee.(NACS-J,O) For reservations and questions, please email us.