Great deal for long term stayers, free accommodation in Chichijima, Ogasawara Tokyo!
There is a vacancy for the 2017 Summer, July & August!

We have a program if you are staying for more than 3 weeks, and help us to maintain the place 4 hours per day (mainly to keep the facilities clean), there will be no charge for the dormitory stay. Any nationality or sex welcome. You must be over 18 non-high school students currently and able to communicate in basic Japanese. You are responsible providing your own transportation to/from Chichijima, food and other expenses you make. There is a common kitchen for self-cooking, see facilities page for more info. Longer stayer (Whole Summer) is preferred. Please ask for details via e-mail

Tour guides wanted(w/ a place to stay)

Would you like to be a tour guide in Chichi-jima Ogasawara? If you like nature and the ocean, with vitality, happiness and joy. You must be fluent in Japanese. Also you are responsible to have a valid visa ready. Please contact us.

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