We will guide you to beautiful view points around on Chichijima, the main-land of Ogasawara Islands, the Japan's World heritage. We will walk to the mountains and introduce you to the unique nature of Chichijima, the mainland of Japan's World heritage Ogasawara Islands. The forests in the subtropical climate is truly a jungle, in Chichijima Ogasawara. Through the jungle to Chihiroiwa, or 'Heart Rock'. It is located in the Special Protection Zone of Chichijima, where you can enter only with certified guides. Shanti Bovie's official guide will safely show you the way. There are numerous view points on Chichijima, ask us for any particular requests for places to visit. Private tours can be arrangeable, depending on availabilities. Let us help you to make your time special in Ogasawara.
*Currently, tours and kayak instructions are provided only in Japanese. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

   The tour will take you around island, through jungles and great view points introducing plants and animals which evolved uniquely and originally in the islands of Ogasawara. The route of the tour will depend on the weather and the strength of the tour group, but if you have any requests, please note us in advance. The main courses are Heart Rock, The Sanctuary, Tsutusji-yama (Mt. Tsutsuji), Akahata-yama, Kasa-yama, Hatsune-yama, Mikazuki-yama, Asahi-yama, Chouou-zan, etc. The best season is between November and May, when it`s cool and not too hot.

1 day(6~7hours) ¥11,000 per adult
¥10,000 per student and kids(pick up and insurance included)
half day(3hours)
Only held on the day Ogasawara-maru arrives and departs
¥6,000 per person(pick up and insurance included)
Half & Half Plan
For whom who wants to enjoy half day of kayak and half day of jungle tour
¥12,000 per adult
¥11,000 per students and kids
(pick up, insurance, life vest, water-proof bag, snorkeling set, hot shower and use of facility included)
Private Tour
Private tour for each course. For family, groups, couples, research, etc.
¥66,000/day~(contact us)
¥33,000/half day~(contact us)

  We offer small grouped tour concidering physical strength of the group, good communication within the group, and care and protection of the natural environment. Even in a tour group meeting each other for the first time, we try to make everyone feel relaxed, share a great and meaningful time in nature, and have a memorable moment. Part of the tour fee is donated to the NGO; Ogasawara Natural Observation Committee.(NACS-J,O) For reservations and questions, please email us.

Cancellation Fees

Please refer to our cancellation policy for cancellation fees.