Welcome to Shanti Bungalows & Shanti Bovie's Chichijima Ogasawara Shanti Bungalows cabins are surrounded by abundant nature, the bungalow will provide you a relaxing time.※画像bugalow → bungalow 余裕のあるとき訂正お願いします※ Relax yourself in our garden, gaze into hibiscus flowers and palm trees. The kitchen and hot showers are available for twenty-four hours, which is very useful in Ogasawara, where full of Ocean activities. Balcony is nice and cool through the day even during Ogasawara summer. Please Enjoy reading, chatting with friends. Rest on a hammock under the screw pine. Experience the dynamic nature of Ogasawara, the World Heritage. Ten minutes walk to beautiful sand beach of Kominato, the south-west of Chichijima Island of Ogasawara village. There are great hiking trails around Shanti Bungalows. Enjoy the great nature of the World Heritage of Ogasawara.
Dynamic location surrounded by subtropical jungles and mountains.
Take a short walk and play out at the beautiful Kominato beach, rare sand beach for Chichijima.
Under the sky full of stars, have a camp fire to light you up.
Build a tent and watch the stars, have a barbeque with your family and friends.
You can enjoy outdoor camp style besides staying in the bungalow.
Feel the jungle, ocean, earth and space. That is when you stay at Shanti Bungalows.
Single traveler, couple, family are all welcome. Reserve the hole site with a group, and have a party.
Any other plans you wish, please let us know.
We will be waiting for your arrival in a supreme location, 2000㎡ of land in Ogasawara Islands.

Shanti family launched their bungalow style guest-house in Chihijima Ogasawara in 2010.